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May 12th, 2018

Meta Games Unlimited

3309 E Sunshine St. A

Springfield, MO  65

It's Team Tournament Time

Chimera Cup 2018

Team Tournament hosted by the best two Blood Bowl podcasts out there, Both Down and Three Die Block!

When and Where


May 12th at Meta Games Unlimited

3309 E Sunshine St A, Springfield, MO 65804

What's all this then?

What's A Team Tournament?

It's where you and two other coaches partner up in a quest to take the coveted Chimera Cup!

What's a Chimera?

The body and face of a Lion, with the head of a Goat, and the Snake heads up the tail.  For more information, click here.

Do I have to be a ginger to play?

Despite what you may have heard, this tournament is open to all coaches, ginger and normals.

What happens if I don't have two other coaches to play with?

Don't sweat it!  Free of charge, we here with the Chimera Cup Committee will play match maker.  Please be flexible with your team choices - there may need to be some compromise to assemble the squad!

Why can't I find the Brettonians or Khorne in the team list?

When the teams were divided between heads, the NAF only had stats on the 24 CRP teams so those numbers were used.  

Will this be NAF certified?

Indeed it will!  As such, it will be using the NAF August 2017 rules, available here

Important Dates

No upcoming events.

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